Services Offered

Copy and Content Writing

I apply my 15+ years of experience as a litigation and business paralegal to translate any variety of source ideas into words that a target audience can appreciate. Examples of this include DIY instructions for new homeowners and – my specialty – drafting legal articles/blogs for law firms with audiences that may range from an injured customer to venture capital investors. I am able to write in professional, informative, relaxed, humorous, and/or imperative (command) tones…or any combination of the above.

I am well versed in research, and perform due diligence on any subject before beginning a writing project, and cite all sources as instructed. I do not condone stealing another’s work, and will never state anything as a fact that can not be verified as such.

Technical and Legal Document Production

My legal background has offered me instruction on drafting a variety of professional-level documents including, but not limited to, license agreements, complaints/answers, executive summaries, data analysis reports, municipal bonds, powers of attorney and contracts. As the Nashville Convention Center’s first Contract Administrator, I wrote the full Standard Op Procedures for my own position as well as the version of the contracts they use as a template to this day. 

Speaking Events and Related Writing

While making the rounds as a writer, in Nashville, I got involved with the storytelling circuit. It was a great outlet to practice public speaking, and led to being invited to speak at community events. 

Writing a piece intended for people to hear is a different art than writing for reading. Adjusting inflection can make a sentence of the same words seem completely different. Some situations require full pre-written speeches, some insist on cards, some allow free form…I have experience with each. For samples of my public speaking, please see my Media page.


I have partnered with producers for a variety of events around Nashville, many of which were for non-profit events. I have offered coaching on communication – written and verbal, writing styles and techniques, and self-help (with a focus on suicide – including losing a loved one to suicide, overcoming childhood trauma, and Borderline Personality Disorder). 

In March of 2018, I co-produced and co-hosted my first charity fundraiser for suicide awareness: Hope Happens!

To see how my professional background supplements my writing services, please see my CV. To see how my services may be of use to you, find me on social media or get a quote for projects, please see my contact info page.


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