Meaning Well

Meaning well is great, but is no substitute for doing well. Meaning well is not a blank check to expect poor results to be tolerated. … More Meaning Well

Why I Don’t Post Law Blogs on My Website

I fell into the legal industry when I was 20. A medical condition disqualified me from continuing on my nuclear submarine training and the nearby Judge Advocate General’s Corp was needing some support staff. Having spent my teenage years skirting the rules based on technicalities, my gift for arguing had found a home.  My Path … More Why I Don’t Post Law Blogs on My Website

Not Old, but Not Stupid

People love to equate age with wisdom, and because of this, youth gets associated with foolishness. This may be a surprise to a lot of people, but these items are neither exclusive nor related. Fools grow old, largely thanks to warning labels, and there are several youngsters who are already more familiar with how the world works than many in older generations simply because they were exposed to more at a younger age. … More Not Old, but Not Stupid

Rescuing Dogs Rescued Me

Spirit was just as great of a father as he was a guardian for Mystique. The two parents actually formed a family dynamic with baby Castiel. It was fun to watch daddy get a little rough with the puppy only for mommy to step in and assert her dominance. Even though the puppy is now seven years old, the three still hold this dynamic and are the best of friends as a pack. … More Rescuing Dogs Rescued Me

Never the Favorite

Early on, we develop a favorite toy, show, cousin, aunt/uncle, neighborhood friend, so on and so forth. Many times, it will be a pairing. Two cousins will each be each other’s favorite cousin, or two neighborhood kids find they are each other’s favorite and the BFFs are born.  These tendencies don’t leave us in adulthood. … More Never the Favorite