Never the Favorite

Early on, we develop a favorite toy, show, cousin, aunt/uncle, neighborhood friend, so on and so forth. Many times, it will be a pairing. Two cousins will each be each other’s favorite cousin, or two neighborhood kids find they are each other’s favorite and the BFFs are born.  These tendencies don’t leave us in adulthood. … More Never the Favorite

Excuses Can Be True

We’ve all been told that excuses are like assholes – everybody has them. People have also gone the extra mile in an attempt to discredit the idea that excuses could ever be credible. “There are no reasons; only excuses!” Some go on and on about how there is a line between a legitimate reason versus … More Excuses Can Be True

Closure, the Crutch

A solid resolution with no unanswered questions is the most ideal end to any situation. There is no dispute that closure is a wonderful thing to get when it comes to dealing with certain phases of life. It allows for someone to move beyond a painful event with acceptance and peace of mind. An example … More Closure, the Crutch